ICMR Bioethics Unit

Upcoming Training Program for Non-Medical Members of Ethics Committee

Non-Medical Members of Ethics Committee

Legal Experts, Social Scientists, Ethicists, Philosophers, Theologians, Community Representatives, Lay persons, and others constitute the Non- Medical Members of an Ethics Committee. They have an important role to be the voice of the research participant in an ethics committee meeting. Often this role is neither understood nor reflected well in the EC deliberations. There are various reasons, often not understood, that limit the participation of Non-Medical members in the presence of medically qualified members. Concrete efforts are needed to make the Non-Medical Members feel empowered and more vocal during an ethics committee meeting to carry out their responsibility efficiently.

In view of the above, ICMR Bioethics Unit, NCDIR, Bengaluru, which is the WHO Collaborating Centre for Strengthening Ethics in Biomedical and Health Research, proposes to organise a training programme for all the members of EC, including the Chairperson, Member Secretary, Scientific/ Technical and Non-Medical/ Non-Technical members of Ethics Committee to come together and identify ways of improving the functioning of ethics committee towards protecting the rights, welfare, safety and well-being of research participants.

The training will be held in the last week of January 2021. Suggestions and comments regarding the challenges and possible solutions to the same are welcome from all stakeholders/ EC members.

Please email us at: ethicstraining@ncdirindia.org