ICMR Bioethics Unit

Recent Publications

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National Ethical Guidelines for Biomedical and Health Research Involving Human Participants, 2017: A commentary. Indian Journal of Medical Ethics. 2018 Jul-Sep; 3(3):201-20 View
Ethical Considerations in Human Genome Editing- An Indian Perspective. Asian Biotechnology and Development Review, 2018; 20 (1&2); 47-58 View
Definition of Terms Used in Limitation of Treatment and Providing Palliative Care at the End of Life: The Indian Council of Medical Research Commission Report. Indian Journal of Critical Care Medicine.2018 Apr; 22(4):249 View
National ethical guidelines for biomedical & health research involving human participants, 2017: A commentary. Indian Journal of Medical Research. 2018 Mar 1; 148(3):279 View
Regulatory and Ethical Issues in Pediatric Clinical Research: Recommendations from a Panel Discussion. The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 2017, The American College of Clinical Pharmacology. 57(8); 943-946 View